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Eliminate discrimination and save girls ● covering 4 states ● covering population over one million ● Award for Outstanding Contribution to Social Welfare 2011 ● An organisation which could create a model of community based protection of women and girls

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Prayatn’s vision is a just society in which men and women are equal. We believe that each and every person-irrespective of their sex, age, race, colour, class and religion should have a life of freedom, dignity and opportunity in which they enjoy all their human rights.
In pursuit of this vision Prayatn ...

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प्रयत्न संस्था धौलपुर द्वारा जिले में मानव अधिकार, महिला अधिकार, बाल अधिकार, एड्स/एच.आई.वी. को रोकने, परिवार कल्याण, प्लस पोलियो, स्कूल एनरोलमेंट आदि क्षेत्र में उच्च कोटि का कार्य किया है

Done Seanure, Landon(UK)

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