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News & Events

Latest News / Activities / Workshop done in 2015

Residential Bridge Course at Pratapgarh District, U.P.:

A Residential Bridge Course (RBC) for drop out children in the project area has been initiated at project level in the month of February,2015. The course has been initiated with an inaugural ceremony on February 4’ 2015 in one of the project unit named BariaSamudra. The identified 30 dropout children within the project area have been enrolled in the bridge course who will be availed the facility of free of cost accommodation, education, fooding and others. This residential bridge course has been started to academically mainstream 30 drop out children to school according to their age appropriate class. These 30 children left their studies due to various reasons which increased the level of their disinterest towards education day by day. The process will enable to boost up motivation level of enrolled children to perform better in academics according to their age.

Tuition Support to Academically Lagging Children at Pratapgarh District, U.P.:

Child Competency Assessment has been conducted at project level which revealed that about 91% children studying in government schools do not have age and class appropriate academic competency. In the absence of satisfactory learning outcome, such children loose interest in their further education. In order to provide support to these academically lagging children, a tuition support centers have been initiated at five clusters of the project area with the capacity of 25-30 children per center. Tuition centers have been started at five clusters in the month of February’ 15 i.e. Jaitipur, Lohangpur, Poorebharat, Bhojpur and Chattaka Purwa.



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