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Research & Documentation

While action programme is our base, we are keen to sustain our experience, ideas and vision to spread effectively. This core concept has molded us into initiating a ‘resource cell’ serving two broad functions:

Collating field perspectives and local knowledge base and providing professional and management inputs to PRAYATN’s pursuits;
Supporting the work of people’s organizations and institutions facilitated by PRAYATN;

The resource cell encompasses a wide spectrum of knowledge pool with experts in social activism, rural development and management, process documentation, planning and research. The uniqueness of the cell is that it serves as a conduit to synchronize theory and practice in order to create innovative applications and sustainable element in any intervention. Specifically the key activities of the unit include:

Providing support to the development organizations in preparing materials (learning tools/information kits) for use and wider dissemination;
Capacity building and training on perspective building, gender, issue identification & formulation, issue consolidation & campaign plan, networking and advocacy;
Contextual and situational analysis, inputs in programme planning, implementation, review and assessment;
Project appraisal, monitoring, terminal evaluation and impact assessment;
Case studies and process documentation;
Research studies on policy implementation;
Network building, system formulation and management.

Current Activity

Study on the Status and Effectiveness of PCPNDT Act in Rajasthan

Objectives To study how far and how effectively the PCPNDT Act has been implemented in the state of Rajasthan, comparing and contrasting the situation in different districts.
  To understand the constraints that government officials are experiencing in their attempts to execute the Act.
  To identify the areas in which implementation of the Act is falling short, and to help the authorities to remedy this situation.
  To develop our understanding on emerging trends in child sex ratio and on the perceptions and dynamics of female foeticide at various levels of society.
  To pioneer debate and advocacy efforts regarding sex selective abortions.
  To propose policy, administrative and community interventions to combat female foeticide.
  To initiate effective implementation of the Act at policy level in collaboration with the State Women's Commission.

Study on the Existing status of Malnutrition and Identifying the Gaps in it in the Project Area of Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh

Objectives To understand the status of malnutrition among children, adolescent girls and women in the region.
  To identify the major causes of such a situation .
  To recommend actions that Prayatn can undertake to curb the situation.

Situation Analysis on Child Friendly Status of Schools in the Project Area of Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh

Objectives To analyse the physical, pedagogical and administrative infrastructure of government primary and upper primary schools from the perspective of child rights and Right to Education Act and comment whether they are child friendly or not.
  To identify gaps in the above infrastructure and recommend measures that Prayatn should undertake to make the government schools child friendly.

Child Competency Assessment in the Government Schools to Understand the Education Status of Children in the 6-14 age-groups

Objectives To assess whether children studying in the primary and upper primary classes of government schools of the project area have age-appropriate and class-appropriate competencies or not.
  To suggest measures that Prayatn should undertake to bridge the gaps found in the children’s competencies through the above mentioned assessment.

Study to assess the skill gap and explore the avenues of skill development in the project area of Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh

Objectives To assess the employment opportunities available for rural youth in and around the project area.
  To analyse interest and aspirations of the youth in the region thereby identifying the employment opportunities that they can avail for their brighter future.
  To assess gaps in the skills presently available with the youth and those required for identified employment opportunities and suggest measures to bridge those gaps.



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