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Prayatn was founded in 1992 to enable people to respond to and change their situations of inequality and injustice. We focus on education and awareness, community involvement and collective action as the driving forces of social and economic change. Our organisation is a voluntary, secular and non-profit society, which is supported by the government, multilateral agencies and funding NGOs through commissioned programmes and projects.

Prayatn - which means ‘endeavour’ – consists of a dedicated team of grassroots leaders chosen by the communities and facilitated by a group of development professionals. Our work is guided by the philosophy that a person should not be treated as a passive beneficiary of a handout. Rather, we believe they should be seen as a potential resource, someone who can be honed with the skills and knowledge that will help lift them out of poverty.

Charity Registration
Prayatn is registered under the following acts:
The Societies Registration Act, 1860.
-     The Income Tax Act, Section 12A 1961.
-     The Income Tax Act, Section 80G 1961.
-     The Foreign Contributions Regulation Act (FCRA) 1976..



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