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Livelihood Promotion

The Livelihood Initiative contributes towards strengthening livelihood opportunities of small and marginal farmers, landless labourers and empowering women’s non-farm enterprises to benefit from market. Prayatn focuses on strengthening partner community’s organizational capabilities and enables them to evolve strategies for livelihood enhancement.

Prayatn’s approach for this purpose include developing organizational and mutual collaboration of people having common livelihood needs and interests and come up with effective models of cooperation for livelihood enhancement at local level. Our work has been instrumental in facilitating women access to rights based entitlements. They now have better access to social security schemes and emplouyment schemes such as MNREGS. An improved portfolio has contributed to livelihood portfolio of the family.

PRAYATN also engages with awareness raising activities for the communities and lobby with duty bearers with an objective to improve access of partner communities to right to work and employment.

Special focus is also on women groups. They are trained in entrepreneurial and technical skills related to food processing and preservation. The groups have been provided with necessary backward and forward market linkages.

A revolving fund has been instituted with an objective to support poor families to create livelihood asset. In Varanasi, PRAYATN has organized rickshaw pullers as mutual responsibility groups. The members of these groups are provided with cycle rickshaws on ownership basis. The installment recovered is pooled as revolving fund so that the help can be extended to other rickshaw pullers.



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